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Tuesday 1 December 2015 - 13:27
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British analyst: Leaderís letter was incisive analysis of rise of Daesh

London, Dec 1, IRNA -- Rodney Shakespeare, a British analyst refers to the second letter of Ayatollah Khamanei to the Western youth as ďdeeply considered, compassionate and incisive analysis of the reasons for the rise of Daesh.Ē

In an interview with IRNA, commenting on the second letter sent by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution to the Western Youth, Shakespeare said, 'Correctly identifying the promotion of Daesh by the West and by Islamic countries, the Leader sees that the way to break open the hypocrisy and deceit which supports Daesh is for the youth of the world to have calm and rational debate.'

'In the long run, the future of the world is in the hands of youth and the Leader is inviting young people to take on their responsibilities for the sake of us all,' said the British analyst.

On British Prime Minister David Cameron's plan extending air strike against Daesh in Syria, Shakespeare said Cameron made a large scale lie in the House of Commons. The UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey at the behest of Israel are a structure which is supporting Daesh and Cameron is still supporting that structure.

'We are hand in glove with that country which supplies not only the finance but kills anybody but itself. I refer of course to the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia which is the philosophy and the practices behind Daesh.

'We are hand in glove with the Saudis who are in occupation of Bahrain, and have attacked Yemen creating even more refugees.'

'The British contribution to the air war will do nothing. It is the Russian and the Iranians and Hezbollah and the Assad government who had stood firm and are revealing to the world that the West has been creating and backing Daesh for its own purposes and the West has deliberately failed to destroy Daesh. '

'Look at what Russia does in a day by knocking off 500 oil tankers. The Americans have known this for at least a year and have done nothing. And then the Russian knock off another 500 oil tankers and of course Turkey who is benefiting from the oil sales Daesh rebels,' said Shakespeare.

To a question on how Daesh can be defeated, the British analyst said there must be a revolution in western policy. The Americans, British and the French must wake up to the fact that they had been supporting Daesh.

'They must then take on politically, economically and military anybody who supports Daesh. The situation is parallel to the 1930ís when our political elite was supporting Hitler; this was in Chamberline government. And there were only few saying we have got to reverse all our policy before its too late; But it was too late because there was the 2nd World War.'

'We have got the situation like this, so we have to have a massive revolution in our policy,' said Rodney Shakespeare.

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