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Velayati hopes Lebanese will decide next president soon

Beirut, Nov 30, IRNA Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution's International Affairs Advisor, Ali-Akbar Velayati, said on Monday that people of Lebanon are hoped to elect their new president in the shortest possible time and the problems of the country will be removed.

Talking to reporters, Velayati, who is heading a delegation in his Lebanon visit, said Iran does not interfere in election of Lebanon president and that's a domestic issue.

In the beginning of the interview, Velayati extended his felicitations on the anniversary of Lebanon independence and national day and voiced sympathy with the Lebanese people and the family of the victims of recent suicide terrorist attacks in south of Beirut.

Noting that Iran supports the national dialogue in Lebanon and efforts made to choose the country's new president, Velayati said, 'Our wish has always been handling of affairs of Lebanon, election of president and removal of problems naturally existing in the region.'

To a question on the objective behind his Lebanon visit, Velayati said, 'Iran and Lebanon are two countries having friendly relations and their close ties necessitate the officials of the two countries and those interested in their relations to follow up bilateral relations and regional developments.'

Elsewhere in his remarks, Velayati said any decision on Lebanon president rests with the people of Lebanon and foreign parties have no right to interfere. 'As close friend of the government and people of Lebanon, the Islamic Republic of Iran wishes that the problem will soon be settled and the Lebanese people will be able to decide their president.'

He noted that Iran is ready to share any idea and extend any kind of assistance it can to Lebanon so that the problem is solved and it will spare no effort in that connection.

Velayati then said Iran supports government of Bashar Assad and said recent victories in different parts of Syria are promising.

He said Iran took part in two occasions in political talks to settle Syrian crisis and the pre-condition for the talks was that it will continue support for Syrian President Bashar Assad. 'The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been beside the government and nation of Syria and hopes terrorism will be uprooted there.'

He then hoped Russia-Turkey tension will subside. 'The Islamic Republic of Iran calls on the two parties, that are its neighbors, to strive for de-escalation of tension between the two parties.'

'We hope no such events will take place between the two sides. Our region has problems enough and the problems should not be added.'

Commenting on recent meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, he said it was a turning point in Iran-Russia relations and even Russian officials announced that Tehran-Moscow ties are strategic.
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