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Thursday 12 November 2015 - 13:03
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Terror allegations Al Khalifa's pretext to tighten crackdown on Bahrain revolution

Alwaght- Since the eruption of Bahraini people's peaceful uprising, Al Khalifa regime has persistently struggled to put down them. Accusing the revolutionary youth of conducting terror acts, at the time being, the despotic regime justifies its violence crackdown.

Continuously, the regime has been spreading news about arrest of alleged terrorist networks in the country, as just some days ago the ministry of interior claimed detaining 47 members of a terrorist group, who were intending to carry out terror attacks.

To piece together the scenario of accusing the Bahraini youths of terror actions, the Al Khalifa regime's officials have moved to provoke public opinions against the peaceful revolution by extracting forced confessions from the detainees.

The reports suggest that Bahrain's authorities have launched a new wave of massive arrests across the country, led by the masked militia forces linked to the interior ministry and accompanied by security units.

The militia forces, many of them non-Bahraini and nationals of other countries, have stormed the people's houses in more than 22 districts without having any arrest warrants, taking dozens of the citizens hostages, three of them children. These measures raise the question if the children had a hand in alleged terror actions of a revolution the peacefulness of which has been proved to Al Khalifa?

The question that comes down is that why these claimed terror networks have not carried out operations in Bahrain, and given that the Al Khalifa's allegations were true, should not a group of them be successful in conducting its terror mission?

Now with regard to the previous knowledge about falseness of Al Khalifa government's claims and the people's aversion to it, if the regime would present evidences, it should form an independent probe committee to examine the allegations, because the regime's elements obtain confessions from the detainees by the use of torture.

The regime's brutal attacks against young people and charging them with terror acts are signaling some points which include:

- Irrationality of the Bahrain's current government which makes it resort to baseless accusations against the youths who have proved their peacefulness during the years of uprising. In fact, in current circumstances the regime is longing for terror actions to be conducted by some of intolerant young people to exploit them in facing the international pressures. However, the wise leadership of Bahrain revolution has foiled all of these plots.

- The Bahraini authorities have repeatedly accused the youths of terrorism while they have not so far killed the regime's troops or the internal mercenaries for ignoring the killers of Bahrain' people. Most of the killers could be foreign mercenaries who have been granted citizenship on sectarian grounds, none of them accused of terrorism for killing Bahraini people.

- Since the onset of revolution the Al Khalifa regime has been circulating rumors to terrorize people. But, as the years passed by, the reality has pointed to the fact that the Bahraini people have not retreated from their rightful demands. The regime's measures have pushed the uprising leaders to highlight the significance of preventive actions especially among the revolutionary young people. They called on the people to take their national and canonical responsibility in confronting the Al Khalifa's tyranny.

- The Bahraini Ministry of Interior's claims that the arrested youths had links to Iran comes with the intention of fueling sectarian prejudices, because the Bahraini people have closed all the doors to the regime's allegations by proving the rationality and substantiality of their peaceful revolution.

- The Bahrain officials have limited their claims to some accusations, without presenting any credible evidence. Is Iran unable to send arms to Bahrain while it has sent tons of arms and missiles through air, sea and the land to the besieged Gaza?

- As the Al Khalifa regime has failed in its previous struggles to force people to back down from their rights, the fresh accusations of young people with terror actions are doomed to fail. Therefore, the regime must respond to its people's demands, whether by negotiations or by leaving power.

By Alwaght
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