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Sunday 1 November 2015 - 17:58
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Iran to equip trains with library in National Book Week

Iran to equip trains with library in National Book Week
Tehran, November 1, The Iran Project Iran plans to equip the inter-cities trains with library on the occasion of the National Book Week in mid November in Iran.

The director of Irans Book House, Majid Gholami Jalisseh made the remarks on Sunday in ameeting with Seyed Hassan Mousavinejad, managing director of Irans RAJA railway corporation.

Jalisseh noted the agreement between two organs to provide books to trains, adding that the Book House pledged itself to submit books needed for trains libraries without any restriction.

He further said that the project will be implemented before the National Book Week from November 15 to November 22, stressing that the priority is the books that are good to read on trains.

Explaining the advantages of digital libraries including the need to less space, Jaliseh voiced readiness to establish digital libraries on trains.

Mousavinejad, managing director of RAJA also highlighted the easy access of the passengers to train libraries during the journey.

According to the plan, two trains in Tabriz-Tehran line and four trains in Tehran-Mashhad line will be equipped with 500 books before mid-November.
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