24 Jun 2024
Does the fortune of Iran-Europe relationship open in this year
Does the Europe try to open its fortune in its relationship with Iran (in this year's Sizdah Bedar) or it follows the same policy as United States adopted towards Iran?

Sizdah Bedar, the thirteenth day of the New Year, also marks the end of the two weeks long Nowruz holidays. Sizdah means thirteen and Sizdah Bedar is the process of getting over with or passing over the thirteenth day of the New Year.

An interesting ritual performedin this day is that in the hope of finding a husband (or opening their fortune), unmarried girls tie a knot with blades of grass and make a wish for a good husband. When the knot is opened, their luck (or their fortune) will open and their wishes will come true.The knotting of the grass represents the relationship of a man and a woman.

Does the knot of Iran-Europe relationship open in this year's Sizdah Bedar?

Opening the knot or fortune of European relationship with Iran depends on the policy the Europe adopts towards Iran. More precisely, it depends on the Europe's decision to leave the shadow of United States in this regard and adopts a reasonable policy in its relationship with Iran.

On the last Friday (March 31, 2012), Barack Obama took a new step to prevent compromising with Iran by vowing to forge ahead with tough sanctions on Iranto put more international pressure on this country over its nuclear enrichment program.

So, clearly US has taken a hostile policy towards Iran and doesn't want to compromise with this country. Now, does Europe tend to follow its close ally US, or does it want to open its fortune in its relationship with Iran?

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