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Bombing civilian Yemenis is overt human rights viloation: Deputy FM

Bombing civilian Yemenis is overt human rights viloation: Deputy FM
Tehran, Oct 7, IRNA Deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs said Wednesday international organizations are responsible to immediately halt air raids on Yemen in which schools, hospitals and other civil centers are targeted in obvious breach of human rights.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian who was speaking with the members of the Supreme Council of Yemen Revolution said that Iran supports the will of the Yemeni nation and denounces foreign intervention in the Arab country.
'The Yemeni nation's right to defend their independence, territorial integrity, and their legitimacy in choosing their own governing system are beyond doubt all legitimate demands, and all world nations approve of those rights for every nation around the globe,' said Abdollahian.
The deputy foreign minister said that the Yemen crisis has no military solution as the only way to resolve it is respecting the votes and rights of all the Yemeni sides by that country's neighbors.
He also said that negotiations and diplomatic efforts based on the demands of the entire Yemeni groups and the country's people is the logical way to resolve the crisis in that country, highlighting the international strong responsibility to put an end to the ongoing human catastrophe in Yemen.
Nayef al-Qayes, the deputy head of the Supreme Council of Yemen Revolution said in the meeting that the council's stand is defending Yemen's sovereignty and independence.
In the way of pursing the popular strategy thus far, he added, the Yemeni nation has dedicated over 13,000 martyrs and 20,000 wounded victims.
Referring to the deafening silence of the international organizations when they see the brutal foreign aggression and the inhumane naval siege of Yemen, Qayes said, 'The world nations should realize that the ongoing crisis in Yemen is now about the conflict between a political group and a foreign power, but the campaign of a whole nation in defense of their right to exist and to decide their governance type, versus brutal foreign military interventions.'
A delegation of the Supreme Council of Yemen Revolution arrived in Tehran on Monday for meetings with Iranian officials.

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