16 Apr 2024
Sunday 20 January 2013 - 14:00
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3 Iranian environmental guards die in Iran's provinces

Department of Environmental Protection  Two environmental guards of Golestan Department of Environment (DoE) have died drowning in the icy waters, and another one has been killed in Northern Khorasan in Iran.

Reportedly, the two environmental guards, who joined the environmental forces of Golestan Province six months ago, were crashed while they were on a patrol in Kordk?y located in West Golestan Province.

When a dike's frozen water cracked, they went down into the icy water, and despite the efforts of local residents to save their lives, they drowned.

In addition, Mousavi Saberi, Director General of Natural Resources and Watershed of Northern Khorasan announced that an environmental guard was killed in this province.

Mousavi Saberi was quoted as saying that Reza Arghavan, 26-year-old environmental guard, who was sent to patrol the forest preservation area last Thursday, was killed in "Tangeh Zar" region.

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