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Tuesday 25 August 2015 - 10:03
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Iran poised to take the lead in oil, gas market by 2040: ex-IEA chief

Tehran, Aug 24, IRNA Former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency has predicted Iran will become one of the leading powers in the world oil and gas market by 2040.

During a visit to Iranian petroleum ministry's Institute of International Energy Studies (IIES) in Tehran, Nobuo Tanaka said, 'We believe that Iran is the most important player in the world oil and gas market because of its exemplary geopolitical situation which is worth any kind of energy investments.'
'I hope the Strait of Hormuz is never blocked and the world is never deprived of Iran's energy resources,' said Tanaka, who currently serves as executive director at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.
He said Iran must set its post-sanctions priorities and prepare the grounds for them, adding Japan, South Korea, Europe and Chine will be the world's biggest oil and gas importers by 2040, Shana reported.
He also underlined natural gas as an influential energy resource in the future, and said its pricing mechanism must be set so it can become a suitable alternative to crude oil.

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