28 Feb 2024
Monday 3 August 2015 - 13:11
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Austrians to invest in Dehloran

Tehran, Aug 3, IRNA Ali Majlesi, Deputy Governor of Dehloran in southwestern province of Ilam, told the media on Sunday about the efforts made by new administration and provincial governor to resume construction of the city's oil refinery.

Majlesi also announced that an Austrian investor has visited the half-way refinery of Dehloran which was abandoned by former investor because of financial problems in 2006.

An oil-rich area with nearly 4 billion barrels of in-place oil, Dehloran oil field, is located 22 kilometers away from the city. Currently, 180,000 barrels a day are harvested from the oil field and the refinery has the capacity to have an output of 90,000 barrels a day, MNA reported.

Majlesi also recounted that in addition to Austrian investor who visited the project on Sunday, there are other investors who are mulling over the opportunity and the final decision over the investing body for the project is yet to be made.

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