18 Jun 2024
Wednesday 29 July 2015 - 19:08
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Germany hopeful on US Congress green light for Iran nuclear deal

Berlin, July 29, IRNA -- A German foreign ministry spokeswoman on Wednesday expressed hope that the US Congress would ultimately back the Iranian nuclear agreement.

Asked by IRNA about prospects for a green light by the US Congress on the deal,

Sawsan Chebli replied, We hope of course that the US Congress would approve the deal. That nothwithstanding, the American president and secretary of state have already stated they would do everything possible to follow through with the deal and implement it.

We have full confidence in the US government that this will be the case, she added.

On Tuesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry was grilled on the Iran nuclear deal by lawmakers in Washington.

Hardline Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress have poured scorn on the nuclear accord but they face a monumental battle to overcome President Barack Obama's veto power over any attempt to block it.

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