11 Dec 2023
Borujerd, Lorestan, July 23, IRNA Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Majlis said on Thursday Iran will follow its peaceful nuclear activities with perseverance.

Speaking at a ceremony to exalt top scientific groups at a local high school, Alaeddin Borujerdi called the role of Islam and Iran in global knowledge as unmatched and said that the Islamic Republic has been placed on the rapid rail of the revival of Islamic civilization.

He said the Islamic Iran in the past has achieved great honors to be proud of.

Borujerdi noted that many Iranian scientists and scholars are serving in different countries, including Germany, and are the head of hospitals and major universities of that country.

Stressing on coexistence of knowledge and piety, he said if knowledge is not accompanied by piety the outcome will be the atomic bomb which killed thousands of innocent people in Hiroshima.

Borujerdi who is Member of Parliament from constituency of Borujerd, termed activities of student groups of the city as appropriate citing the Supreme Leader's remarks that Borujerd is the city of the elite.

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