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Wednesday 8 July 2015 - 15:02
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Araqchi: Text of Iran-P5+1 agreement almost complete

Tehran, July 8, IRNA Deputy Foreign Minister Abbass Araqchi has said the text of final agreement between Iran and the world six major powers is almost complete.

Once agreement is reached, the issue of sanctions should be totally discarded, Araqchi said while speaking in a televised program in Tuesday night.

Underlining the importance of a proper agreement, Araqchi said no deadline is sacred and We are ready to continue talks in Vienna as long as needed, even if the talks are extended day by day.

The basis of the UN Security Council resolutions is arms embargo against Iran while Iran wants that sanctions be completely removed once the agreement is reached and the other parties should stop loyalty to sanctions. It is not possible to have a deal, while having the system, regime and structure of sanctions; the approach should definitely change.

Aeaqchi said that according to Tehran the main sanctions to be lifted are the economic and financial ones as the arms embargo was a blessing for the country indeed resulting in the self-sufficiency of its defense industries.

He went on to say that the arms embargo is not an important issue for Tehran.

Aeaqchi said that Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali-Akbar Salehi and the US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz have had good and serious discussions about the annexes of the nuclear talks.

A very good progress has been made regarding the issue of annexes, Araqchi said adding, it is almost complete.

Annexes on sanctions are almost done by more than 95 to 96 percent. Perhaps two or three minor issues remain.

He added that the annex on peaceful nuclear cooperation with Iran is complete and different fields of peaceful nuclear program are specified.

The annex related to joint commission is almost in final stage except for two or three points

Araqchi said that work is still underway on the last annex which concerns executive program

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