16 Apr 2024
Tuesday 7 July 2015 - 17:59
Story Code : 170982

Alan Eyre: We are willing to make deal before deadline

Tehran, July 7, IRNA Persian language spokesman for the US State Department Alan Eyre has said, 'although we do not hurry up to resolve Iran nuclear issue before the deadline, we are currently focused on meeting the deadline.'

Eyre, who was speaking to Euronews Persian, said, 'we are seeking a good deal.'

Iran and the six world powers had set June 30 as their deadline for reaching a deal, but gave themselves an extra week to discuss a comprehensive accord, extending the deadline by July 7.

The new deadline could be extended once again for another two days by July 9.

'We have to act logically and work seriously. We are currently focused on reaching a deal by the deadline, but if we fail to do so we will reconsider that,' Eyre said. 'Everything is possible.'

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