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Thursday 2 July 2015 - 11:24
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Call to empower aviation industry

The Iranian market has proven to be highly lucrative for foreign airlines, as it generates $3 billion a year for them, according to Alireza Jahangirian, head of the Civil Aviation Organization.

He pointed to domestic airlines $2.7 billion revenue and emphasized the need to empower Iranian airlines and focus on the potential of the aviation industry, Persian travel news website Donyaye-Safar reported.

Jahangirian said changes need to be made to help domestic airlines compete with foreign competition.

Speaking at a seminar on solutions to aviation development, the official said the state of aviation industry is an indicator of a countrys economic and industrial development.

Aviation is a driving force of economy, he said.

Offering incentives and facilities to bolster research projects and making prototypes in knowledge-based associations, plus improving interaction between producers and consumers of domestic products, were among the solutions proposed by Jahangiri.

Aviation industry, directly or indirectly, has created more than 58 million jobs worldwide, he said, adding that the share of the industry in global GDP is about $2.4 trillion3.4%.

More than 25,000 commercial airplanes transfer over 2.8 billion passengers across the world through 35,000 flight routes.

Iran is projected to become a hub of international air transport within the next 10 years, based on International Civil Aviation Organizations reports, said Jahangirian.
To become a hub, however, completing infrastructure and upgrading airline fleets are necessary, which require $30 billion.

He called for meetings and seminars to exchange creative ideas to optimize safety and security of the industry as per international standards.

By Financial Tribune
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