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18 Jul 2024
Saturday 27 June 2015 - 14:27
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Iran, Russia bodies sign civilian missile MoU

TEHRAN, Jun. 27 (MNA) Russia's biggest defense contractor, Almaz-Antey said it had signed a non-military agreement with Irans Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation.

In a report issued by Russias Almaz-Antey press service on Friday, the Russian company has agreed with Irans Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation to promote innovative non-military Russian products in the Islamic Republic as well as organizing joint production of these products at Russian and Iranian factories.

During the signing of the agreement with Iran, Almaz-Anteys deputy head for dual-use and civil products said in the first phase of the agreement, we intend to exchange information and organize meetings between Iranian and Russian technology representatives with potential customers."

He added that Almaz-Antey as one of the world's largest developers of air navigation devices and communications equipment is looking to sell nonmilitary technology to Iran.

The memorandum between Almaz-Antey and Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation was recently signed on the sidelines of the 4th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition known as INOTEX 2015 that was held in Tehran on 9-12 June.

The move follows a potential positive prospect over Iran's nuclear program that has sent companies from around the world hunting for opportunities in the Middle Eastern country in the hope that international sanctions on Tehran will be lifted.

As the world's largest missile maker, Almaz-Antey signed a contract in 2007 on the export of the company's S-300 missile defense systems to Iran, which was canceled by Russia's then-president Dmitry Medvedev because of UN sanctions and strong US and Israeli pressure over concerns about Tehran's nuclear program.

Following a mutual understanding on Tehrans nuclear program in Lausanne in April, Russias President Vladimir Putin signed a presidential decree paving the way for the long-overdue delivery of the missile defense system to Iran.

Iran and Russia are currently negotiating a commercial agreement over the delivery of the advanced S-300 missile system to Tehran.

By Mehr News Agency
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