19 Jul 2024
Wednesday 1 July 2015 - 11:59
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Iran disapproves allocating 30% of Majlis electoral lists to women

Tehran, June 20, The Iran Project Iran MPs suggestion that parties and coalitions should be required to allocate 30 percent of their parliamentary electoral lists to female candidates has been rejected.

Head of the Iranian Parliament's Women Fraction Fatemeh Rahbar suggested that parties and coalitions that provide an electoral list for provincial parliamentary elections should be required to allocate 30 percent of the list to women candidates, but her suggestion was rejected by the members of the parliament.

Despite the opposition of Irans Expediency Council against the plan to make parliamentary elections provincial, the first five articles of the plan were approved in the Parliament open session a few days ago.

According to Article 4 of provincial parliamentary plan that was approved by the members of the parliament, parties and coalitions can declare their list to the Executive Board of the province.

And based on Note 1 of the Article 5, every voter can vote for a list, a candidate or candidates.
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