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Imposing pressure on negotiators unwise; people need peace of mind

Tehran, , June 19, IRNA Chief of staff of the President's Office Mohammad Nahavandian said here on Friday that the political activists and journalists inside Iran should not imposed pressure against country's nuclear negotiators who are leading a tough job, as it is unwise to do so.

Speaking with IRNA, Nahavandian stressed that the Iranian nation seriously needs peace of mind today, as well as a blossoming economy in which business will bear good benefit, so although under tough conditions the Iranian political system is capable of resisting, after the improvement of the conditions managing the affairs will be a lot easier both for the system and for the nation.

'These words are not hollow mottos, as in practice after the termination of the sanctions our nation can have access to the world markets, which is their basic right and our businessmen can attract capitals and create jobs,' he said.

Iranian capitals and brains need to be kept inside the country, unlike the sanctions' atmosphere, which presents an unfavorable condition both for doing profitable business and for the talented people to flourish, he said.

'The conditions in Iran should not appear inferior compared with the other countries,' added Nahavandian.

'In case the sanctions will be terminated, the only way for us to achieve the objectives of our development plans will be relying on out internal potentials and trusting in God that will grant us benefits,' he said ruling out the accusations made against the people who are working hard to end the sanction are God forbid, tying all their hope to foreign assistance.

The objective, he said, is that an Iranian investor will compete under similar conditions that his Turkish, European, or Chinese counterparts work.

'Why should an Iranian exporter have to work under uneven circumstance? It is the government's responsibility to remove such obstacles from the way of the economic activists, and it will do so,' added the official.

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