10 Dec 2023
TEHRAN (Tasnim) Iranian naval forces warned American and French forces on Saturday to stay away from Irans 34th fleet of warships, which was sailing in international waters in the Gulf of Aden.

The 34th fleet, comprising Bushehr logistic warship and Alborz destroyer, is on a mission in the Gulf of Aden to ensure security for the traffic of Iranian shipping lines and protect the Islamic Republic's interests in the high seas.

On Saturday night, when the Iranian fleet was cruising 30 miles off the coasts of Yemen's southern seaport city of Aden, French and American forces in the area showed sensitivity to the Iranian Navy presence and deployed their jets, choppers and warships to approach the Iranian fleet and pass it at a distance of 5 miles.
However, Iranian command officers on board the Alborz destroyer issued a serious warning, making the intruders to apologize and change their track, according to Iran's Navy.

Earlier in April, Iran's Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari underlined that the presence of the country's naval fleets in the high seas, including the Gulf of Aden, will continue and that nobody will be allowed to inspect Iranian warships in international waters.
He made it clear that his forces will not leave the Gulf of Aden waters because others might want Iran to do so.

By Tasnim News Agency
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