11 Dec 2023
Sunday 26 April 2015
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MPs sign petition to question president in parliament

A petition is being signed in parliament to question President Hassan Rouhani in person for the failure of his government to release a fact sheet on the nuclear statement Iran and P5+1 signed in Lausanne, Switzerland, in early April, Hamid Rasaei, a member of parliament told Fars News Agency.

Despite calls by the Supreme Leader that details of the talks between Iran and P5+1 should be made public, the government seems to have no intention of releasing a fact sheet and wants to carry on with its cover-up, the [principlist] MP said.

Our follow-up efforts show that President Rouhani, and not his foreign minister, is responsible for preventing the release of any details on the Lausanne statement, Rasaei said.

This news was translated by IFP from Fararu News Website

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