18 Jul 2024
Saturday 25 April 2015 - 23:02
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The latest on the 2016 GOP field: Cruz vows to nix nuke deal

Sen. Ted Cruz say he'll do "everything humanly possible" to stop a nuclear deal with Iran - a stand that's drawn cheers from the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Concerns about President Barack Obama's diplomatic efforts to curb Iran's nuclear program are dominating the group's meeting in Las Vegas on Saturday.

A 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Cruz says a nuclear Iran threatens Israel's existence.

Cruz points out that every politician who appears before the group would promise to protect Israel "unless you are a blithering idiot." Cruz says the key question is which candidate would coalition members trust to fulfill that promise.

The group says it plans a presidential forum in December and that all candidates for the GOP nomination are expected to attend.

By The Associated Press
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