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Thursday 16 April 2015 - 12:52
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Envoy: Iran's diplomacy based on peace

Kuwait, April 16, IRNA Iran's Ambassador to Kuwait Ali Reza Enayati in a statement on achievements of the nuclear talks has said that Iran's foreign diplomacy is based on understanding, interaction and dialogue.

He further noted that restoration of legitimate rights of the Iranian nation and interacting with other world countries based on rationalism and heroic flexibility underlies Tehran's strategic diplomacy.

'Today the world has witnessed how useful was Iran's diplomacy in dealing with the world six major powers,' said the ambassador.

Iranian young scientists managed to raise Iran's scientific level to that of world powers trough their concerted efforts, Enayati said, noting that many of the Iranian scientists have even sacrificed their lives for the cause of the country's scientific progress.

He referred to the 'recognition of Iran's nuclear program' as the main achievement of Iran-P5+1 nuclear negotiations which ended on April 2 in Switzerland. Anayati also noted that removal of all oppressive financial and economic sanctions as well as maintaining activities of Iran's nuclear installations and the right to continue research and development activities were among other accomplishments mentioned in the Swiss Statement.

'Iran's diplomacy is not based on excommunication, assassination, narrow-mindedness, massacre and aggression; rather it is rooted in understanding, peace, peaceful con-existence and dignity,' stressed the ambassador.

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