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Kafashian: Queiroz to continue career with national squad

TEHRAN, Apr. 11 (MNA) Head of Football Federation has secured a contract with Portuguese manager of football national squad Carlos Queiroz in Saturdays session.

Ali Kafashian spoke to the press after his long session with Carlos Queiroz to announce good news to fans of the national squad manager; we managed to agree in some terms with Queiroz in todays session which was a productive session; I do not say all issues have been resolved, but the majority of them could said to be so, Kafashian told the press.

Queiroz agreed to recognize the Federations limitations in budgetary terms in preparation matches; during past days, the stories were all about his farewell; now however, he would continue career as the national squad manager, Kafashian emphasized. His stay will be on conditions made in his contract and financial terms; his major concerns about preparation of national squad are to be addressed by both Federation and Ministry of Sports, he added.

Kafashian told reporters however that his words were conditional and you should wait to see more in upcoming days.

We believe Queiroz seeks the best conditions for national squad; we know many things are not in ideal condition, even the green field; we have promised to solve these problems as far as our capabilities and budget allow to do so, held Kafashian.

After four years in national squad, now Queiroz knows the conditions; I admit that Federation had failed in meeting some of his demands in providing ideal conditions for national team; this is not to say that we have not worked at all, however, he told the press.

By Mehr News Agency
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