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Monday 2 February 2015 - 12:51
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Ethnic unity vital for victory of revolution: Assyrian MP

Orumieh, W. Azarbaijan Prov, Feb 2, IRNA Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance says the unity of all Iranian ethnic groups was an important factor in victory of 1979 Islamic Revolution, adding that the harmony is still strong after thirty six years.
Talking to IRNA, Yonathan Betkolia, who is also Assyrian member of Iran's parliament (Majlis), said people have been the biggest support for the revolution and because of unity of people of different ethnic and religious groups, the revolution bore fruit under the leadership of the late Imam Khomeini.
All ethnic and religious groups participated in the revolution to get rid of the despotic regime of Shah and so many martyrs from different ethnicity is a convincing evidence to it, he added.

Betkolia said that ending the discrimination and creating equality among Iranian nation was the fruit of the revolution, adding that Iran was under the hegemony of the West before the revolution and its wealth was looted by the world imperialits.

The Assyrian parliamentarian also said the main reason of enmity towards Iran by the hegemonic powers of the world is the fact that they have lost the wealth of this land and all their plots are for regaining control over the resources of Iran.

Betkolia said it was because of the Islamic revolution that Iran was able to shine in different cultural, political, and economic fields and Iranian scientists' access to high technology, once a monopoly of the big powers, is a clear evidence to it.

The glorious Islamic Revolution in Iran ensured victory in 1979, ending the old oppressive regime of monarchy in the country.


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