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Iran sanctions bill moves forward as Obama threatens veto

Iran sanctions bill moves forward as Obama threatens veto
The US Congress could introduce a bill draft posted on Senator Mark Kirk's website with additional restrictive measures against Iran if nuclear talks break down by a July deadline.

WASHINGTON, September 17 (Sputnik) The US Congress is pushing forward witha bill aiming toimpose tougher sanctions onIran if nuclear talks break downby a July deadline, despitea veto threat fromUS President Barack Obama.
According toa draft ofthe bill posted onSenator Mark Kirk's website, the United States could introduce additional restrictive measures againstIran, accused bythe West ofdeveloping nuclear weapons underthe guise ofa peaceful program, byfurther targeting the country's energy sector and expanding sanctions onIranian officials and agencies.

US and foreign financial institutions violating sanctions would also be targeted, according tothe draft ofthe bill, sponsored byKirk, a Republican, and Democratic Senator Robert Menendez.

The sanctions bill could be introduced inCongress asearly asnext week.
On Friday, Obama urged Congress tohave "patience", arguing the bill would undermine sensitive negotiations withIran and the P5+1 group, which includes the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany.
Meanwhile speaker ofthe US House ofRepresentatives John Boehner said Congress would move forward despitethe president's veto threat.

The P5+1 group and Iranian negotiators initiated diplomatic efforts back in2006 toensure that Iran's nuclear program remained focused onpeaceful applications only. Since then, the group has held several meetings withIran, butthe sides have failed toreach a compromise.

The latest roundof talks betweenIran and the P5+1 group, held inNovember inVienna, Switzerland, did not produce a comprehensive deal and the sides agreed tocontinue discussions inJuly 2015.

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