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Saturday 27 December 2014 - 17:39
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Sanctions relief soon for Iran: Economy minister

TEHRAN Dec 27 (Shana)--Iran's Minister of Economy Ali Tayyebnia said the existing sanctions regime against the Islamic Republic of Iran is weakening and the country will see the sanctions completely lifted in the near future.
"It will not take too long for the sanctions to be removed; the existing embargoes are already failing and will presently be lifted," said Tayybnia, addressing a ceremony to welcome the new head of Iran's Securities and Exchange Organization and managing director of the Export Development Bank of Iran.
He underlined Iran's exodus from recession thanks to the policies adopted by the Rouhani Administration, and said export of non-oil commodities and reduction of crude oil exports are chiefly considered in the administration's economic policies.
"Every oil price fluctuation directly affects currency prices and economic activities [in Iran]; therefore we need to adhere to rising our non-oil export share [in world market] if we are to reduce our dependence on oil revenues", he further said.


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