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Private sector consortium invests in Gol Gohar-5 mine

Private sector consortium invests in Gol Gohar-5 mine
Tehran, Dec 13, IRNA A consortium of private sector companies has won the bid for making investment in Gol Gohar-5 mine and this measure is in line with the new policy to use financial and specialized capability of the private sector in the development of mines in the country.
The objective behind the bid is to maintain capital and exploration of Gol Gohar iron ore mine 5 which has been ceded to the private sector within the framework of exploration and sales operations.
Previously a consortium of private sector companies had succeeded in winning the investment for the operation in Gol Gohar-6 mine.

Ceding exploration and sales operations of mines is in line with executive policies stipulated in Article 44 of the Constitution, policies of privatization and macro targets of the government, application of resistance economy and using capabilities of the private sector for maintaining the raw materials required by the steel production cycle in the country.

According to the report, companies present in this consortium which enjoy the experience of mining activities have been able to gain the highest technical and financial scores among other applicants.

Gol Gohar is currently composed of six mining masses which is considered one of the largest iron ore mines in the country.

The mine is located 50km southeast of Sirjan in Kerman Province and the mass reserve in Gol Gohar-5 is about 25 million tons.



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