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Official reiterates Bushehr N. power plant's high safety standards

[caption id="attachment_102682" align="alignright" width="218"] Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran[/caption]
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's first nuclear power plant in the Southern port city of Bushehr enjoys a maximum level of safety, a senior official underlined.
Head of Bushehr nuclear power plant Hossein Derakhshandeh said the power plant is in conformity with the international standards.

He also said that Bushehr power plant in addition to producing cheap and secure electricity, has an important role in reducing environmental pollution.

Darakhshande said on Wednesday that the plant has produced 8 billion and 700 million kilowatt hours electricity since it was commissioned four years ago.

He continued that, by producing this amount of nuclear electricity, the plant prevented emission of 404 million tons of CO2 caused by fossil fuel in gas power plants.

Darakhshandeh said producing electricity in the plant has saved 680 million cubic meters of natural gas, 233 million liters of diesel fuel and 287 million liters of fuel oil.

The Nuclear Safety and Security Department of the IAEA in a recent visit to Iran approved the standard safety levels of all Iranian nuclear sites and installations, and lauded the country's measures and special efforts in this regard.

"We realized that Iran's safety system responsible for inspecting Iranian nuclear facilities and installations acts very well and is strong," Head of the IAEA's Nuclear Safety and Security Department Olena Mykolaichuk said in March 2012.

"I, as the head of the (inspection) team, assure the Iranian society that Iran's installations are safe," Mykolaichuk added.

She also stressed that her team has visited the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Southern Iran and inspected the safety and security control system at the installations.

By Fars News Agency


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