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Muslim countries duty-bound to help Gaza: Iran

Muslim countries duty-bound to help Gaza: Iran
By Zawya
TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has said that all countries, particularly Muslim states, should provide assistance to the people of Gaza, who are currently facing a relentless Israeli military onslaught. Mehmanparast made the remarks during his regular press briefing in Tehran on Tuesday in reply to a question about claims that Iran gives Hamas Fajr-5 missiles, which were recently launched from Gaza into Israel.
"You should ask military officials which country made these missiles. But the Palestinian people should be aware of their rights, and it is the duty of all countries to support them," he stated. Mehmanparast added, "It is the duty of all countries, particularly Muslim countries, to help the people of Gaza. And it is necessary that all countries take the measures necessary to defend the oppressed Palestinian people when the well-equipped Zionist regime commits crimes." "Supporting the Palestinian people is one of the main priorities of Iran's foreign policy, and we have announced our readiness to provide medical and food assistance," he said.

Israel seeking to give impression Hamas has requested ceasefire

Mehmanparast also commented on the fact that Israeli President Shimon Peres, in an interview with CNN published on Tuesday, accused Iran of encouraging the Palestinians to continue rocket attacks against Israel rather than negotiating a ceasefire. The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said, "Now that they (the Zionists) have faced a strong defense by the people of Gaza and have been taken aback, they are seeking a ceasefire. Hamas officials are opposed to the media warfare meant to give the impression that a ceasefire has been requested by the Palestinian side and have announced, 'We are in full preparedness to defend ourselves, and it is the Zionist regime that has become desperate.' Therefore, although we do not approve of conflict, war, violence, and endangering the lives of innocent people, we believe that this criminal regime should be prosecuted for war crimes."


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