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Zionist regime desperate, in decline: Major cleric

Zionist regime desperate, in decline: Major cleric
Tehran, July 25, IRNA Zionist regime is desperate and in decline, Tehran Friday Prayers Substitute Leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said in the second sermon of his prayers.
Noting that those interested in pro-Israel slogans of No to Gaza, no to Lebanon, I give my life for Iran are a minority isolated group, he added that opposition to Zionist regime is one of the major pivots of Iranian nations unity.
Zionist occupation forces have been desperate towards Palestinian resistance movements and have asked for ceasefire on different occasions, the cleric said.

He declared Irans full support for Palestinian resistance movements proposal for ceasefire which includes removal of Gaza siege.

Referring to Israel refusal of holding referendum in the occupied lands, Khatami noted that holding a free referendum in the occupied lands can help elimination of Zionist regime and establishment of a democratic government in the region.

Zionist regime is not bound to any type of compromise and agreement and armed resistance is the only way to thwart these regime aggressions, he added.

Calling for the West Bank to get armed against occupation forces, Khatami noted that Zionist regime is in decline.

He blamed US, UK and Germany for supporting massacre of Gaza people by Tel-Aviv, stressing that certain regional and international bodies and states silence towards Israel crimes is shameful.

Tehran Friday Prayers Substitute Leader asked Muslim nations and all freedom seeking groups and individuals around the world to impose pressure on their governments to help oppressed people of Palestine.

Speaking about Wests illegal demands in previous nuclear talks with Iran, Khatami underlined that Iran will not give up its right for peaceful use of nuclear energy in the upcoming talks with G5+1.



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