21 Jun 2024
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Source : IRNA

Photo: Unseen images of the world's largest funeral ceremony

The Iran Project : After the demise of Imam Khomeini, his body was moved to Mosla mosque of Tehran on June 4, 1989 for farewell.
According to The Iran Project, a large refrigerator with glass walls was placed on several containers so that people could see the body of their Imam, who had a black turban on his chest as a sign of Sadat's attribution. After the prayer, it was first decided to transport the coffin carrying the body to Behesht Zahra, which was 20 km from Mosala, and a helicopter accompanied the coffin from the beginning of the journey, in the middle of the way due to the large crowd that rushed to Imam Khomeini's funeral it was impossible to continue the route and the helicopter landed with difficulty and the body was taken to Jamaran and later to the burial place.On June 6, 1989, one-sixth of Iran's population at that time (more than ten million people), a crowd of 32 kilometers came to the funeral of Imam Khomeini near Behesht Zahra, so that this procession was called the largest funeral ceremony in the world. Some of the photos below from the IRNA news agency's archives of the ceremonies after the demise of the great leader of the revolution in 1989 are being published for the first time
Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project
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