17 Jun 2024
Wednesday 11 March 2020 - 17:05
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After a buildup to counter Iran, US troops begin leaving Mideast

The Wall Street Journal | Nancy A. Youssef and Gordon Lubold: U.S. trimming the 90,000 troops across the region as Iran, ravaged by the new coronavirus, hasnt posed as large a threat as U.S. officials once feared

The U.S. military has begun to draw small numbers of troops out of the Middle East after concluding that the threat of reprisal attacks from Iran or its proxies has subsided, military officials said.

About 1,000 combat troops who had deployed to Kuwait days after the Jan. 3 strike that killed a top Iranian commander, Maj. Gen.Qassem Soleimani, have left the region over the past two weeks, the officials said. An additional 2,000 members of the same brigade are expected to leave the region in the weeks ahead, the officials said.

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