18 Jul 2024
Saturday 21 July 2018 - 15:22
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Putin envoy tells Iran that cooperation in Syria will continue

Al-Monitor - Alexander Lavrentiev, President Vladimir Putins special envoy for Syria, traveled to Tehran July 18 to update the Iranians on the results of the much-publicized summit between the American and Russian presidents in Helsinki earlier in the week. Lavrentiev reportedly met for two hours with Saeed Irvanii, deputy for foreign policy and international security of the Supreme National Security Council.

One of the key topics of conversation between the two men was Syria, where according to Lavrentiev Russia and Iran will continue to cooperate. There has been no pause in the determination and will of the Russian government in thecontinuation of mutual cooperationto fight terrorism, and this path will continue until the establishment of complete stability and security in Syria, Lavrentiev said.

On the victories of the Syrian army in southern Syria and the support of Syrias allies, Irvanii said, The latest achievements are important steps in the success of the political process within the framework of the Astana and Sochi talks. He added that the Islamic Republic would continue to support dialogue between the Syrian sides.

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