18 Jul 2024
Saturday 23 September 2017 - 15:07
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Trump is conflating Pyongyang with Tehran. The results could be catastrophic

The Guardian | : Were on our way towards a new cold war with Iran or, even worse, a military confrontation. Will anyone stop Trump?

President Donald Trump took a page out of the George W Bush playbook at his UNaddress on Tuesday.To justify confrontation with Iran, conflate it with Pyongyang. To justify confrontation with North Korea, conflate it with Tehran.

This is the latest gimmick in Trumps desperate efforts to kill the nuclear deal with Iran: by focusing on Tehrans objectionable non-nuclear policies and false claims of the unevenness of the Iran deal, Trump is arguing that sustaining the international accord can no longer be justified since it doesnt address the totality of Americas concerns withIran.

Problem is: there is no deal that could address the totality of US-Iran tensions unless Trump is willing to engage in extensive diplomacy with Iran for such a grand bargain. Thus far, Trump has shown zero interest in negotiations with Iran. And mindful of how he has conducted himself on the world stage, significant doubts exist as to whether his administration has the capacity and competence to face Iran diplomatically.

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