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Tuesday 12 September 2017
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How Israel lobbies could stumble America into war with Iran

American Herald Tribune | ROBERT FANTINA: As much of the world focuses on the growing hostility between the United States and North Korea, little attention is being paid to the U.S. and Israels threatening attitudes towards Iran. The U.S., of course, accuses Iran of that which it, itself, is guilty, namely being the premier sponsor of worldwide terror. Iran is supporting its regional allies, while the U.S. is supporting terrorist groups within that region.

And now, the IDFs (Israeli Defense Forces) former deputy chief of staff, Maj.-Gen. Yair Golan, is in Washington, D.C. to present at a security conference at the behest of Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, raised the specter of Iran. After mentioning the threat from ISIS, he said this about Iran: They are a higher form of civilization. They have nice, academic infrastructure, impressive industry, good scientists and many talented young people. They are very similar to us, and because they are similar to us they are much, much more dangerous. And we cant cope with them alone.

When an Israeli representative tells U.S. government policy wonks that Israel cant cope with Iran alone, the inference is clear: it expects the U.S. to defend it, even if Israel is the aggressor.

This is simply more histrionics from Israel. Iran has not invaded another country since 1798: yes, that is 219 years ago. The same cannot be said for Israel, and certainly not for the its major ally and chief financier, the U.S, which has been at war for over 220 of its bloody, 241-year history.

In order to understand Israels current hysteria regarding Iran, and Golans inference that the U.S. would have to assist it in any war with that country, the U.S.s allegiance to Israel must be understood.

The U.S. supported barbaric rebel groups in Syria for years, hoping for regime change in a country that Israel wanted destabilized. With assistance from Russia and Iran, the Syrian army has been able to retake much of the country that had been occupied by these rebel groups.

But even as Syria claims victories, the U.S. continues to thwart its efforts: just last month, the Syrian army reached an agreement with a group of ISIS fighters in the western part of the country, near the Lebanese border, to grant safe passage for ISIS soldiers and their families to an ISIS stronghold in Deir al-Zour Province, in the eastern part of the country. In exchange, ISIS surrendered the bodies of nine Lebanese soldiers killed in 2014. This agreement liberated cities in the west, where ISIS was being defeated, and brought an end to bloodshed there. The U.S., saying ISIS fighters should be killed on the battlefield, bombed the roads that were to take them to Deir al-Zour, although, in a moment of uncharacteristic restraint, it refrained from bombing the bus convey itself, which contained an estimated 300 women and children, mainly family members of the ISIS soldiers.

And the U.S. has not hidden its hostility toward Iran. President Donald Trump has been extremely critical of the so-called JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) that was signed by his predecessor, Barack Obama on behalf of the U.S., and 6 other nations, that regulated Irans nuclear development practices. Why Irans nuclear program must be regulated, but Israels need not be, has never been explained to this writer. And Israel refuses inspections of its own nuclear sites, a policy supported by the U.S.

Part of the JCPOA states that the U.S. president must certify quarterly that Iran is maintaining its part of the agreement; thus far, the U.S., under Trump, has twice done so. Yet the U.S. president has demanded that U.S. regulators find something anything - that can be used to prevent certification. The U.S.s clown-like ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has stated that Iran is not adhering to the sprit of the law, and has demanded that additional inspections, on sites never agreed to, be performed. This is, at best, nave. It is impossible for one party to a contract to return after the contract has been signed and demand a change in the terms, simply because they have decided it is not to their liking.

Israeli officials are forever seeing existential threats to the Zionist entity. These officials claim that Iranian officials have sworn to erase Israel from the map, never mentioning their own constant, brutal and ongoing efforts to erase Palestine from the map.

These same officials proclaim that all they want is to live in peace with their Arab neighbors, although their unspeakably cruel treatment of all things Palestinian belies that idea. But the simple fact is that these officials will not be satisfied until Israel has complete hegemony in the Middle East. It must be noted that Israel receives more U.S. aid annually than all other nations combined (roughly $4 billion a year), and could not exist without it. The reason that it receives so much funding, and, as a government, provides next to nothing in return, can be traced straight to pro-Israeli lobbies in the United States, which funnel millions of dollars into the political campaigns of U.S. elected officials, in effect purchasing the U.S. government.

A main impediment to Israels goal of dominance in the Middle East, is Iran. So while Israeli and U.S. officials talk about Iranian terrorism, crimes the first two nations are guilty of, and for which little if any evidence could be produced to so convict Iran, it is all done to prepare the world, or at least the U.S., for war with Iran.

In its quest to bring the U.S. into any invasion of Iran, Israeli officials seem to forget an important fact that one hopes is in the forefront of the minds of U.S. officials: Iran is allied with Russia. And with the U.S.-Russian relationship at its lowest point since the end of the Cold War, one hopes that Trump and company are not willing to risk nuclear war with Russia in order to please Israel. That would be a situation in which there are no winners.

Two additional factors must be considered. First, both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife are expected to be indicted for corruption, and this could occur at any time. All indications are that it will happen sooner rather than later. Second, President Trump is facing a federal investigation into his campaigns possible ties with the Russian government, prior to his election to the presidency last November. A new war would provide a most convenient distraction from their domestic issues; U.S. presidents, at least, generally see a temporary surge in their approval rating whenever they start a war. Trumps approval rating is currently the lowest in the history of any presidency at this period in the administration. These two factors converge to place the Middle East, and the entire world, in great jeopardy. Add to that Trumps statement about North Korea, that the time for discussion is past, and the world is sitting on a time bomb, with two madmen in control.

Israeli government officials have been peddling their fairy tales about the threat of Iran for at least twenty years, periodically saying that Iran is within a couple of years to a couple of months of obtaining nuclear weapons. It can only be hoped that U.S. government officials, despite coveting the money that Israeli lobbies so generously distribute to them, will recognize Netanyahus current lies, and those of his government associates, and prevent a global catastrophe.
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