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How Trump's friendship with Saudi Arabia pushes Qatar away

Sputnik - After Trump's visit to the Middle East, there has been some tension between countries of the Persian Gulf, especially between the emirate of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Political analyst Atef Abdel Jawad told Sputnik Arabic what is behind this development.

The US has little todo withthe recent relations ofQatar withits neighbors. Qatar has a special place inthe US policy towardthe Middle East because it is needed tomaintain ties withsome terrorist groups, forexample, the Taliban, Jawad said.

The analyst further said that Qatar also aided inorganizing the ransom ofEuropean citizens who fell intothe captivity ofterrorist groups.

According tothe analyst duringhis visit, the US president did not go intothe subtleties ofrelations betweenthe countries, asthe main topics were the fight againstterrorism and confrontation withIran.

The director ofthe Center forMiddle East Studies, Anwar Ishki, believes that inorder toreduce tension, Qatar must fulfill certain requirements.
It must break offrelations withIran, stop confrontations withthe Persian Gulf countries, refuse financing information channel Al-Jazeera, which works againstSaudi Arabia and the UAE, Ishki said.

Furthermore, asthe director pointed outQatar should not provide assistance toterrorist groups inthe region and toHouthis inYemen.

Ishki also said that it looks likethe White House has made it clear that Qatar should listen toinstructions fromRiyadh.

Perhaps, it is this attitude ofthe American president that prompts Qatar tosearch forother allies inthe region, inorder tostrengthen its influence.

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