27 May 2024
ĎRedí alert in 19 cities on Iranís coronavirus map as more people contract Covid-19

Iranís Health Ministry categorizes 19 cities as Ďredí or Ďhigh riskí on its coronavirus-tracking map, as the number of patients diagnosed with Covid-19 continues to surge countrywide.

In the latest updates to the map, released Friday, the number of red cities rose from 10 to 19, while 45 cities were classified as Ďorangeí or Ďmoderate risk.í

The number of Ďyellowí or Ďlow riskí cities increased from 194 to 233.

The situation is still Ďblueí or Ďnormalí in 153 cities, with the figure showing a gradual decline with a rise in infections.

On Friday, the Health Ministry said 1,140 people were diagnosed with Covid-19, out of whom 29 lost their lives, in 24 hours.

Since it first emerged in the country in early 2020, the virus has so far claimed the lives of 145,348 peoplein Iran.

Officials have urged the public to adhere to health protocols against the pandemic and get their booster shots to boost immunity against respiratory disease.

By Iran Front Page

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