21 Jun 2024
Iran rebukes Macronís double standard, urges France to speak out against Israeli nukes
Iran has censured the latest ďunconstructiveĒ remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron after his talks with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Tehranís peaceful nuclear activities.

Macron warned in a statement on Thursday that Iranís nuclear activities ďwould inevitably have consequences.Ē

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kaníani said on Friday the French president spoke against Iranís peaceful nuclear program while it seems he has forgotten the Israeli regime, which possesses tens of nuclear warheads in its nuclear arsenal, refuses to accept any international supervision.

ďInstead of expressing fake concerns about Iranís peaceful nuclear activities, which are completely under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the French side should inform the world about the ways that the Zionist state terrorism has obtained nuclear weapons,Ē Kaníani said.

He said that meeting with Israelís prime minister is in itself worthy of condemnation as the world considers the Israeli regime to be the manifestation of the sinister phenomenon of organized terrorism, violence, massacre and displacement of oppressed women and children in West Asia, including in Palestine.

With a dark record of occupation and military aggression, the Israeli regime is ďthe prime source of threat against regional and international peace and security,Ē he said.

The Iranian spokesperson called on French officials to correct their wrong approaches†and engage in mutual respect to stop inflicting further damage on Tehran-Paris relations.

Israel, which pursues a policy of deliberate ambiguity about its nuclear weapons, is estimated to possess 200 to 400 nuclear warheads in its arsenal, making it the sole possessor of non-conventional arms in West Asia. The illegitimate†entity has, however, refused to either allow inspections of its military nuclear facilities or sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Iran, on the other hand, is a member of the NPT and has officially declared that its nuclear activities are peaceful in nature. Iran also signed a nuclear deal with six world powers in 2015 to reassure the world about the peaceful nature of its nuclear program.

Despite Iranís strict compliance with the deal, the US, under former US president Donald Trump, unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018 and pursued a confrontational policy against Iran.

At the time, Netanyahu cheered Trumpís withdrawal and his so-called maximum pressure campaign against Iran.



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