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Sunday 7 June 2020 - 16:09
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Iran's Police chief warns against plots to tarnish Iran-Afghanistan ties

IRNA - Iran's police Chief Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari referred to Harirud accident which claimed lives of a number of Afghanistan nationals, saying foreigners and enemies are trying to tarnish Iran-Afghanistan relations with the objective of creating tension in friendly ties and promoting violence.

Ashtari expressed regret over the recent news about the drowning of a number of Afghan citizens in Taibad border area and said enemies are using the issue to wage a media war and create a dispute between Iranian and Afghan nations.

The world is aware of the fact that due to the imposed war and insecurity created by trans-regional powers and their allies especially the US criminals in the region, a large number of Afghan people emigrated to other countries like Iran, he said.

Despite all problems, Iranian officials hosted them very well and provided them with health, medical and educational facilities, he noted.

The official went on to point out that even now that Iran is plagued with coronavirus and cruel sanctions, it offers services to Afghan brothers and sisters similar to those prepared for Iranians.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Ashtari said Harirud accident had nothing to do with border guards, adding that the Afghan side is expected to introduce a team for joint investigations.

Both sides should shoulder legal responsibilities with regard to border relations, he reiterated.

Some media recently released a video in which a person claimed that some people who entered Iran illegally were arrested and forced to go into the river by the Iranian border guards.

Earlier, the Iranian Foreign Ministry in a message stressed Irans strong relations with Afghanistan, saying the US allegations against Iran with regard to accident in Herat is a bitter joke.

What happened to Afghan nationals in Herat is tragic & unrelated to, but the US regime's allegations against Iran is a 'bitter joke', it added.

"The US regime is a war criminal in Afghanistan & state sponsor of terrorism across the world," Foreign Ministry noted.
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