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Sunday 22 December 2019 - 17:15
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Europeís not united voice mars Franceís mediation between, US, Iran

MNA Ė Iranís Ambassador to Paris blamed Europeís lack of firm and united voice as the main reason for the failure of France's mediation between the United States and Iran.

In a short interview with Le Monde, Bahram Ghasemi underlined that the implication of France was "positively received" in Tehran, adding that in past months intense negotiations were held between Tehran and Paris; however, Iran was fully aware that regarding the conditions, there would be no hope for achieving the intended results.

ďThe US continues its maximum pressure on Iran and it seems that Europe is not able to take any specific measure in accordance to its capacities,Ē Ghasemi added.

The French President Emanuel Macron tried, for more than two months, to promote a compromise between Washington and Tehran. But Paris did not have the cards necessary to weigh. This effort, led by the Elysťe, is the chronicle of a predictable failure, some experts believe.

On November 28 and in an interview with the NRC, Iranian Deputy FM Abbas Araghchi said the 2015 nuclear pact can still be saved, but then Europe must dare to stick its neck out.

Europe should make a little more effort to save the nuclear agreement with Iran, which it says it wants to continue, said Araghchi.

"I want to underline that one of the lessons we learn from the issue with the JCPOA [the nuclear agreement] is that the result of the deal and its compliance with it is apparent that new sanctions have been imposed. If so, we may have to change our approach. How? I can't say that yet. Another lesson is that resistance pays more than a willingness to cooperate."
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