22 Jul 2024
TEHRAN (ISNA)- A Malaysian news website republished a letter written by Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei to the western youth which condemned the Westís ďdouble standardsĒ on fighting terrorism.

ďAnyone who has benefited from affection and humanity is affected and disturbed by witnessing these scenes ó whether it occurs in France or in Palestine or Iraq or Lebanon or Syria,Ē he wrote in the letter, translated into English and French.

ďIt is correct that today terrorism is our common worry,Ē he said, while condemning the ďcontradictory policiesĒ of the United States in ďcreating, nurturing and arming al-Qaeda, the Taliban and their inauspicious successorsĒ.

ďThe military invasions of the Islamic world in recent years ó with countless victims ó are another example of the contradictory logic of the West,Ē the news website cited Ayatollah Khameneiís letter.

ďThe pain that the Islamic world has suffered in these years from the hypocrisy and duplicity of the invaders is not less than the pain from the material damage,Ē he said.

So long as ďdouble standards dominate Western policiesĒ and ďterrorism... is divided into Ďgoodí and Ďbadí typesĒ and ďgovernmental interests are given precedence over human values and ethics, the roots of violence should not be searched for in other placesĒ.

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