24 Apr 2024
Tehran, May 10, IRNA Iranian parliament members urged the foreign ministry to submit results of nuclear talks to the legislative body.

In a statement on Sunday, over 200 Majlis representatives said based on the guidelines given by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the foreign ministry is obliged to submit the nuclear talks to Majlis.

Then the parliament, based on the opinions of the nations representatives, will make the final decision on the case according to the national interests.

The statement also noted that the International Atomic Energy Agency is allowed to carry out inspections only within fixed international regulations.

Just the way quitting Non-Proliferation Treaty by a member state is deplorable, the statement said, some of the IAEA inspections too could be destructive so the nuclear negotiators should consider the issue in the result of talks.

The parliamentarians further referred to the illogical suggestions made in the recent US Congress bill and said it provided just another proof to the greedy nature concealed behding democratic gestures which Iran has experienced many times since victory of the Islamic Revolution.

They went on to stress in their statement that the foreign ministry has to show appropriate reaction to such acts.

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