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Iranís leader lauds Iran-China 25-year strategic relations agreement

Alwaght- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has met with visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping and lauded an agreement between Iran and China to develop bilateral ties under a 25-year strategic plan, describing the move as a wise step.

During meeting with the Chinese president and accompanying delegation on Saturday afternoon in Tehran, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the ancient history of trade and cultural communications between the two nations of Iran and China, noting: ďThe government and nation of Iran have always been and [still] are looking for the expansion of relations with independent and reliable countries like China and on this basis, the agreement between the presidents of Iran and China for [promotion of] 25-year strategic relations is totally correct and endowed with wisdom.Ē

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the Chinese presidentís remarks regarding the necessity of reviving the ďSilk RoadĒ and the need for the expansion of cooperation among countries located along this route as a totally logical and acceptable idea, saying: ďThe Islamic Republic of Iran will never forget about Chinaís cooperation during the time of sanctions.Ē

Ayatollah Khamenei then mentioned ďenergyĒ as one of the important issues in the contemporary world and pointed out: ďIran is the only independent country in the region that can be trusted upon in the field of energy, because unlike certain countries in the region, Iranís energy policy is not influenced by any non-Iranian factor.Ē

Touching upon the hegemonic policies of certain countries, particularly the United States, and their insincere cooperation with other countries, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: ďThis situation has caused independent countries to look for further cooperation with each other and Iran-China agreement for 25-year strategic relations lies within this very framework, [and] the agreements [reached between Iran and China] must definitely be implemented through serious follow-ups by both sides.Ē

Referring to inclination toward and look to the East in the Iranian culture, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: ďThe Western [governments] have never been able to win the Iranian nationís trust.Ē

Ayatollah Khamenei said among Western countries, the USí policy vis-ŗ-vis Iran is worse and more hostile, adding: ďThe same hostile policies have caused the Iranian nation and the countryís officials to pursue expansion of relations with independent countries.Ē

Laying emphasis on the point that supporting the issue of† ďOne-ChinaĒ is a principled and firm policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the Chinese presidentís remarks about broadening of security cooperation between the two countries and added: ďUnfortunately, our region has plunged in to insecurity due to the wrong policies of Western [governments] as well as a deviant and erroneous interpretation of Islam, which is prone to spread [and] which must be stopped through rational cooperation.Ē

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said certain countries in the region are the birthplace of this deviant thought and noted: ďThe Western [governments] too, instead of tackling the main source of this [deviant] thought and terrorist groups, are targeting and pressuring Muslims in Europe and America, while these terrorist currents are totally different from the correct Islamic thought.Ē

Ayatollah Khamenei referred to the insistence shown by the Americans and Western governments on using the title ďIslamic StateĒ for certain terrorist groups, saying: ďSuch an approach amounts to an affront to Muslims and instead of solving the problem will indirectly lay the groundwork for strengthening these groups.Ē

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described the Americansí claim regarding the formation of a ďcoalition for fighting terrorismĒ as trickery, noting: ďAmericans take a similar approach to all issues and they never behave sincerely.Ē

In conclusion, Ayatollah Khamenei expressed hope that ďthe results of talks [held] and the agreements [reached] in Tehran would be useful for both sides in the true sense of the word.Ē

During this meeting, which was also attended by Iranian President Mr. Hassan Rouhani, Mr. Xi Jinping, the president of the Peopleís Republic of China, expressed satisfaction over his trip to Iran and offered his gratitude for the friendly and sincere sentiments of the government and nation of Iran. Attributing this sincerity to friendly and long-term cooperation and exchanges between the two countries, President Xi said: ďBilateral cooperation between Iran and China must increase on a daily basis based on Ďmutual interestsí.Ē

Referring to the history of contacts between Iran and China through the ancient Silk Road, the Chinese president described this road as the symbol of ďpeace, progress and friendly exchangesĒ and added: ďThe countries located along this route can, through broadening their cooperation, safeguard their own interests in the face of the Americansí model [which has been designed] to disturb the balance of the regional economy, and achieve their goals.Ē

Mr. Xi said: ďCertain superpowers are seeking to impose monopoly and the jungle policy of Ďeither with us or against usí, [on other nations] but the progress of emerging economies has stripped them of the monopoly on power and has [instead] created a proper atmosphere for [the promotion of] the ideas and policies of independent governments.Ē

The Chinese president mentioned his countryís support for ďIranís nuclear caseĒ as well as Iranís support for ďintegrated and united ChinaĒ as an instance of mutual trust and independent policies of the two countries, adding: ďWe follow the road [towards] independent development and are ready, as we stood by Iran during the time of sanctions, to broaden our cooperation [with the Islamic Republic] in all fields after the [recent] lifting of the sanctions.Ē

Mr. Xi referred to the plethora of ďIranís geographical, human and energyĒ advantages, saying: ďThe economies of Iran and China complement each other and during this trip we have reached an agreement on planning 25-year strategic cooperation, and we are ready to expand and deepen cooperation [with Iran] in cultural, education, technological, military and security sectors at the level of strategic partners.Ē

The Chinese president also underlined the necessity of working out a mechanism for boosting security cooperation between the two countries in dealing with terrorism and complicated issues of the region.

Mr. Xi Jinping also described Ayatollah Khameneiís remarks as wise and far-sighted, adding: ďThe government and nation of China hold a friendly and sincere view towards Your Excellency and we hope that you would contribute to the expansion of relations between the two countries like [you did] in the past.Ē

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