22 Feb 2024
About us
Iran, a country of pivotal importance in the Middle East, has always played a key role in regional and international affairs. Since the 1979 revolution Iranians' direct contact with outside world has been limited. This has caused some mainstream media to impose their biases on the news and commentary coming out of Iran.

These media include Iranian state media and so-called independent media outside Iran. Such selective policies, whether Iranian of foreign, have not allowed independent Iranian voices to be heard by people around the world. On the other hand, the lack of ?independant English-language news outlets focusing on Iranian affairs has led to the monopolization of commentary about Iran by certain groups.

These groups, such as the MKO (Mojahedin Khalgh Organization), often have an existential problem with the Iranian government or are financially supported by Iran's historical enemies. The Iran Project site is a non-professional news website run by a group of Iranians inside and outside of Iran. This site is meant to influence the policy of the Iranian government and foreign media to the extent it can. The Iran Project provides you with the latest news, analysis, and coverage from independent voices inside Iran. Everything is issued independently, however not in way causing reprimand from the Iranian government.

The Iran Project welcomes any comments, opinions, suggestions or anything else that you may have to say about us which would help us cover Iran news better.

Moreover, it should be noted that The Iran Project is not responsible for the content of quoted articles.

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