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Video: Time museum, narrator of Iranian art, culture

Iran Press , 18 Apr 2024 - 19:29

Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project

The "Tamashagh Zaman" or Time museum, with a collection of primitive and mechanical chronometric tools, narrates the history and past time of human life and the magnificent Iranian art.

According to The Iran Project,the historical building of "Tamashagh Zaman" or Time Museum is located in the Zafaranieh neighborhood of Tehran and dates back to the Qajar period. This beautiful and spectacular collection is known as the first watch museum in Iran.

The "Tamashage Zaman" (Time Museum) area is associated with the first old clocks such as sundials, sand clocks, water clocks and fuel clocks, and the coexistence of time, art and nature is pleasing to the eye.

Mechanical wall clocks, table clocks, pocket watches, and wristwatches are also located in the collection of the "Time" museum, and each one depicts the beauty of its time for visitors and tourists.

The mosaics on the wall of the historical building of the "Time" museum, the combination of colored tiles and the Chinese knots used in the windows and doors of this beautiful building show the magnificent Iranian art blowing into the body of time.

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