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Takfiri ideology divides Muslims in US, Israel favor: Analyst

31 Jul 2013 - 13:07

The Saudi-backed Takfiri ideology is designed to safeguard the interests of the United States and Israel by causing division in the Muslim world, a political analyst tells Press TV.
Massoud Shadjareh said on Tuesday that the Takfiri ideology is designed to “get Muslims” to fight and kill Muslims.

He pointed to bloodletting in Iraq since the US occupation in 2003, saying that the Takfiri ideology “was actually a deliberate policy to create this conflict, so the United States, as the occupier, will actually not be the main target and you will get this sort of internal fighting within Iraq.”
“Many think tanks in the United States … including the RAND (Research and Development) Corporation have been arguing that one of the ways to deal with the rise of political Islam is to, actually, have these different aspects of political Islam [to] fight one another,” Shadjareh pointed out.
“It has definitely been identified in Israel that it is beneficial to Israel and their interests, because if ... there is coordination and understanding and cooperation … [in] the Muslim world … the interests of Israel will be undermined,” he added.

Shadjareh noted that there is evidence of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the ongoing violence in Iraq, Pakistan and even in Malaysia and Indonesia, through its promotion of Takfiri ideology.

The analyst concluded by calling for global action against the scenario, saying, “The international community needs to put tremendous pressure on Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are promoting the ideology of Takfiris and financing it and arming it to the extent of committing genocide.”

By Press TV


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