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HONOR unveils Magic6 Pro and MagicBook Pro 16 in Barcelona

HONOR’s new phone and laptop offer a wide range of innovative user experiences

Gulf News , 25 Feb 2024 - 20:49

Reporter : Editorial of The Iran Project

The magic has begun. The mystery was unveiled, igniting a desire to own a truly groundbreaking phone.

According to The Iran Project,HONOR, a global technology brand revolutionizing smartphones with innovative AI experiences, unveiled the Magic 6 Pro and MagicBook Pro 16 on Sunday, February 25, 2024, in Barcelona, Spain, one day ahead of the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024).

The new phone leverages HONOR's platform-level AI.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro, alongside the AI-powered HONOR MagicBook Pro 16 laptop marks a significant step forward for the brand, showcasing its commitment to human-centric innovation and AI-powered experiences.

Introducing HONOR's new AI PC: the #HONORMagicBookPro16. With cross-OS collaborations, industry-leading screens, and power-packed performance, it's a game-changer. Embrace the open ecosystems and welcome a new standard for AI PCs. 

“We are thrilled to announce the global launch of the new HONOR smartphones and AI PC, which truly revolutionize the user experience with industry-leading AI capabilities, while simultaneously breaking boundaries in human-device interaction," said George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd.

George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd. talks about AI enabled cross platform capabilities during the launch of Magic6 Pro and MagicBook Pro 16 in Barcelona.

MagicOS 8.0: A personalized and intuitive experience
What's the key to a personalised and intelligent operating system? HONOR's AI-driven intent analysis and semantic understanding enhances your experience by decoding user behaviour and language patterns.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro boasts a range of advancements in photography, display, performance, and AI-powered user experiences. One key highlight is the new MagicOS 8.0 operating system, featuring HONOR's platform-level AI and the industry's first intent-based UI. This empowers users with entirely new ways to interact with their devices, including:

Magic capsule: Provides instant access to essential resources and eliminates the need to navigate through multiple apps.

Magic portal: Understands user messaging and behavior, streamlining complex tasks like navigation and social media interactions.

Open-source LlaMA 2 AI: Enables offline functions like Q&A, text creation, and reading comprehension.AI eye-tracking: Demonstrates the potential for hands-free car control through the smartphone's AI system.

Sports photography redefined with the AI-powered Falcon Camera
The HONOR Magic6 Pro is designed to capture stunning sports photography with its improved AI Falcon Camera System. This system features:

AI motion sensing capture: Predicts and captures decisive moments in ultra-high definition.

180MP telephoto camera lens: Offers 2.5x optical zoom and up to 100x digital zoom for exceptional clarity.

50MP ultra-wide camera and 50MP main camera: Capture fast-paced action without compromising on detail.

Thanks to our newly enhanced HONOR Falcon Camera System, we're the industry's first flagship phone actually built for sport photography! With a faster focus speed and self-adjusting aperture.

Display and performance

The HONOR Magic6 Pro prioritizes both durability and performance:

NanoCrystal shield: Industry's most drop-resistant screen glass, certified by SGS.
6.8-inch all-range low-power LTPO eye comfort display: Delivers an exceptional viewing experience with human-centric features like high PWM dimming and circadian night display.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform: Provides a 30% CPU and 25% GPU performance improvement.

HONOR second-generation silicon-carbon battery with HONOR E1: Offers exceptional low-temperature performance and fast charging capabilities.

DXOMARK rankings: Ranked first in battery with a score of 157 and received the first five DXOMARK labels in 2024 for camera, audio, display, battery, and selfie capabilities.
Introducing the Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery in the #HONORMagic6 Pro! Now with an ultra-large 5600mAh capacity and Dual SuperCharge for quick recharging—coming first place in DXOMARK's global battery rankings was just the cherry on top! 

Expanding the ecosystem with MagicBook Pro 16 and Pad 9
HONOR also unveiled the MagicBook Pro 16 laptop and Pad 9 tablet, further expanding its ecosystem of AI-powered devices:

MagicBook Pro 16: Features cross-OS collaboration with HONOR smartphones and tablets, powered by HONOR's platform-level AI.
Pad 9: Boasts an impressive 12.1-inch display, an eight-speaker audio system, and a 120Hz refresh rate.

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