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Iranians’ petition calls for removal of US sanctions amid coronavirus combat

30 Mar 2020 - 17:39

March 30, The Iran Project - Iranian people launch an online petition, calling for the removal of US brutal sanctions against Iran for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.

While almost all countries across the world are fighting against the novel coronavirus, the United States has been targeting the lives of the Iranian people by continuing and imposing cruel sanctions.

As US unilateral sanctions have directly targeted the lives of the innocent Iranian nation and put their health at serious risk, a group of cyberspace activists and media persons have called on people to sign a multilingual petition to protest at Trump administration's crippling sanctions, which are economic terrorism and crimes against humanity.

The petition is available here and people can sign it by entering their name and email.

?in addition, some anti-sanctions posters have been designed for sharing on social media which can be accessed at this link.

Iran is combating the coronavirus pandemic under the harshest ever sanctions by the US, which were re-imposed after Washington left a UN-backed landmark nuclear deal between Tehran and major world powers in 2018.

After leaving the 2015 nuclear deal, Washington began forcing others to toe its sanctions line. Britain, France, and Germany have stopped their transactions with the Islamic Republic, bowing to the US.

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